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Spirited Rendition of ‘How to Love’ on an LA Train.

Found this on Youtube, Such a Sweet Video of the song ‘How to Love’ by Lil Wayne on an LA train. Makes me want to replicate this on the NYC subway…



Inside Look: Rick Ross Rich Forever Mixtape..

Quick look into the Making of the ‘Rich Forever’ Mixtape.



Youngest Richest Internet Entrepreneurs..

This is Why I Love the Internet, You Could go Very far ( and make some Nice Mula ), with a Brilliant Idea and Some Determination. Source of this post is a very resourceful site for the upcoming or already established internet entrepreneur. Check it out..

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Youngest Richest Internet Entrepreneurs

One of the most amazing things about the internet is that it can really level the playing field when it comes to business. You no longer need a large investment to get started, you can get by, as some have on this list, on just a few hundred dollars. It still takes a brilliant mind to reach the level of success that the people on this list have achieved, especially at such a young age, but the internet has given them the opportunity in a way that wasn’t possible in the generation before them. To count as young on this list, you have to be aged 30 or under; here is it.

Mark Zuckerberg – 27 – $17,500,000,000 – Facebook

 Youngest Richest Internet Entrepreneurs Mark is the most public face of Facebook, which currently hosts over 750 million active users, with 500 million of those accessing the site daily. His personal wealth has skyrocketed in the past few years as Facebook has torn through the competition such as Myspace, and taken its place as the number 1 social network in the world. With the release of ‘The Social Network’ in recent years, it’s hard to not know who Mark is. And if you have seen that film, then you’ll know that getting to the top, wasn’t such a clean and easy ride. Mark faced multiple lawsuits from people who say ripped off his idea, and a disgruntled business partner who was ripped off after an investment. You can make up your own mind about Mark, either from what you’ve learned about him over the years, or from the film, but there’s no denying that Facebook wouldn’t have existed without him, certainly not to the capacity it’s at today. I should think that at least 90% of the people reading this have a profile, and perhaps even a fan page, so it’s no wonder that Mark’s made it to the top of this list.

Andrew Mason – 30 – $4,750,000,000 – Groupon

 Youngest Richest Internet Entrepreneurs Andrew actually has a degree in music, but chose to go into web design, where he would meet his first investor, which eventually led to Groupon. Founded in November 2008, the site has experienced rapid growth, and huge revenues from taking 50% of every sale made through the site. There have been plenty of imitators since, but Groupon still remains on top, even turning down a $6 billion dollar acquisition bid from Google at the end of 2010. Google has a habit for offering to buy companies out before creating their own, sometimes more powerful and successful imitator, so who knows what may be in store for Groupon. Over the past few months, I’ve personally started to see less location targeted products in Groupon, and the quality of items has also gone down in my opinion, so whether Groupon will stand the test of time is unknown. What we do know though is that $6 billion is a lot of money to make in just over 2 years.


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