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Jay-z and Irv Gotti on “whats the Point of Living Average?” #Deep

Yes, So Some Fresh Motivation and Insight from a Like Minded Great Individual. It really is about Greatness and Seeking More from Life.

I study Successful people to see how some of us Tick and Think…

Enjoy the Energy Use it to Help Fuel Whatever Endeavor You May be Pursuing Now..

Also Check out for inspiring and wise videos fot your Mind…


{Dedication, Inspiration in Fulfilling Dreams} How Bad You Want to Fulfill Your Dreams?

Found this clip on A clip about the dedication and focus needed to

achieve a dream. Inspiring and Emotional Clip. Do You have this dedication / focus in Creating

Your Dreams? Enjoy.


#Randomtunes Wiz Khalifa – Huey Newton

Yet Another Smooth Track… Nice beat and all..

Play and Download Here



Master Class: Jay Z

Behold, A Documentary which interfaces the link between success and Self-Belief; Using JayZ’s testimony to illustrate how important it is to Be and Stay True to YourSelf.

This is Part 1, and you could view the other parts on Youtube.


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