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Compelling Dream of 8-6-2013

Received a Compelling message in a dream today that I wish to Share. so here we are in like a big city and I am with Kevin Hart, and about 3 other entertainers, However, the city and world was being under attack, or I should say the world is being “tested”. there were Like Big ass Transformer type robots seemingly wanting to tear new assholes and make tuna salad of us basically # FckSHITUP INEVERYDIRECTION…. Now under normal conditions one would feel intense terror and fear, However felt no fear whatsoever and Was actually laughing at what was going on while actively “maneuvering” through what firstly Seemed to Be a threat and getting away calmy, confidently, and Subtly Powerfully through the perceived “storm”. Message Ive got is – Ive realised that the outside conditions dont matter in Your Life as Much as How you ACTUALLY REACT to them. Choose to be a Warrior or Choose to Be a Pussy. ‪#‎NotestoSelfShared‬ .


the Central Purpose

At times we share and read lengthy posts and articles and words. However much could be said with Less, and also Vice versa. First off I thank the readers and Followers of this blog, as You help me to realise the importance and value of words,,, However off from the sentimental part,, My Being is being drawn to communicate the fact that, remember the Wright brothers, whose mental pictures gave birth to a new reality of travel and innovation? Remember the Dreams of Many whove inspired the world and Brought many new realities into the world today in which we enjoy such as increased sense of freedom, electricity, the beautiful tapestry and presence of the internet, cars that help us get from point A to point B, Smart ass cellphones which dramatically help us to stay connected with each other at the speed of light, and find the next route to the mcdonalds down the street?, 

Why Am bringing this up? , Well because I wish to Say DREAM! Because the fascination of reality in which we are Already blessed to be in, is that We are Magicians and we dont even Know it!

Remember You, Me, Each of us has the Power to Conceive and Create and make true Whatever it is that we so desire! What more Thanks can we Give to our Existence than that!

Of course this message may feel simplistic or even corny, And thats because all this is a Reminder of What is Already True. Duh! ( no serious pun intended )

and I just felt the need to Express it! So I guess whenever You feel deviated from Your natural sense of Happiness, Creativity, and Wonder, Remember, that You are the Master. You Always Hold the Power. In fact you ARE THE POWER!

Tyrese Talks about the Hustle and Success..

Saw this on Youtube, with Tyrese and Success. Enjoy.

Credit to PositiveBlackStories

Quote of the day…

No one forgives with more grace and love than a child.

– Preacher.

{Dedication, Inspiration in Fulfilling Dreams} How Bad You Want to Fulfill Your Dreams?

Found this clip on A clip about the dedication and focus needed to

achieve a dream. Inspiring and Emotional Clip. Do You have this dedication / focus in Creating

Your Dreams? Enjoy.


Inspiration Speeches to Keep GOING #timeforsomemotivation

Sometimes our Journey becomes difficult and in turn our Vision can become clouded..( i say this because it even happens to me )..But Videos from People who’ve been through the struggle and now have Great Success can definitely help Re-Ignite and inspire/motivate/push us to #KeepOurHeadUpandKeepGoing… Enjoy.

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