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French Montana Speaks On Ending Feud With Jim Jones And “Bad Boy Curse”


@FrenchMontana did an interview with COMPLEX, in it they discuss his beef with Jomo and the stigma that comes with being a Bad Boy artist.

Last year, you had a pretty public beef with Jim Jones. Is that dead now or is there still a little animosity there?

Nah. I’m getting money and he’s getting money. [The situation involving the hit on my head] had nothing to do with Jim Jones.

You were signed to Akon’s Konvict Music label for a while. What ever happened with that?

Akon tried to help me out. He gave me a shopping deal. A shopping deal is when an artist takes a liking in you, and they try to take you to a label to get you signed. I was gonna go get signed to his label, but they were going through problems with Interscope, Akon’s label over there. [As a result], my deal was over with him, so I went and did my own thing.

It’s been rumored time and time again that Bad Boy artists don’t always have the best of luck. Did you have any reservations about signing to the label?

Of course [I had my reservations about signing to Bad Boy based off their reputation]. Anybody would. That would just be the obvious. My new thing is, I don’t judge my relationship on everything that came before me or after. I’m gonna judge you on how you and me do business. I feel like, a person will only do something to you that you’ll allow him to. I don’t understand how somebody can jerk you [on a deal], and you looking at the contract the same way they looking at it. I think everything is going to be straight. I think I have a good team and good management, shout-out to Mizay [Entertainment]. I got Ross with me, Diddy with me, and the whole Coke Boys, Chinx Drugz, Flip—we got a powerful team. I don’t think one person can stop that.



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