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The Power of the Heart

Good Morning,Afternoon,Evening, Whatever time it is in wherever portion of the Universe you are in right now (over here its 2:50 Sunny PM). After a short Hiatus,I hope you Enjoy and derive insight from this rather intruiging video on the Power of the Heart. Feel Free to Comment and Share Your Opinion, Thanks and Tale Care..


New Wale Feat. Lloyd Sabotage

New Wale and Lloyd, in the Smooth Song called Sabotage..

New Ancient Maya UFO Artifacts!

New UFO Artifacts revealing some type of contact and evidence of an Extraterrestrial Influence…

What Do You Make of This…Please Leave a Comment..

The Human-Alien Agenda

Esoteric Scholar Jordan Maxwell in a Video Regarding the Human and Extraterrestrial Connection.
topics covered:

– Possible Interbreeding of Human-Like Extraterrestrials and Primates to produce modern day Humans\ HomoSapiens.

-Taking True Power Back into Your Hands.

-The Government, Money, US system, and MUCH MORE

Here is Part 1,, the subsequent parts could be found on Youtube..

D.U.I. – Teyana Taylor – Fabolous – Jadakiss

Nice Track from Teyana Taylor feat Fabolous and Jadakiss..

Good Day..

Good Day,

Welcome to the New Design of this site. Been tied up with the usual obligations and pressure of Life. Today is February 29, 2012, and I am asking myself, what Am I going to Do Today. With that Being said, Enjoy the Site and Have a Good Day. Holla!



Under Construction and Quote of the Day..

Good Morning,

Just wanted to Note that if You are a Follower of this blog, I Thank You for your support, and also please excuse the changes being taken on the site. Right now the site is undergoing a transformation . Thanks again.

Enjoy The Quote of the Day..

Again, you can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.
Steve Jobs

Cash Money Grammy party – Drake and Wayne get plaques! – YouTube

Cash Money Grammy party – Drake and Wayne get plaques! – YouTube.

Mischa Daniels & Sandro Monte feat. J-Son – Simple Man (Official Music Video) – YouTube

Mischa Daniels & Sandro Monte feat. J-Son – Simple Man (Official Music Video) – YouTube.

Cool Track to check out.

Styles P talks about the benefits of Working out and Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Its Important and Now is the Time to be on Point with Yourself. Its 2012 and a year for a new You (and Me). One way that is accomplished is Through Health. I actually used to be a smoker but have since stepped away from that lifestyle to ensure I am taking the right steps towards better health. I will keep this short here today but check out this video of Artist and Author Styles P, speaking about Health and Living a Health Conscious Lifestyle. Peace.

Tyrese Talks about the Hustle and Success..

Saw this on Youtube, with Tyrese and Success. Enjoy.

Credit to PositiveBlackStories

NASA Kepler mission finds 26 new planets in 11 new solar systems

The known universe just got a little bigger.

Scientists at NASA’s planet-hunting Kepler mission announced the discovery of 26 planets in 11 differet solar systems on Thursday, Reuters reports.

The announcement brings the number of confirmed planets to 729, with another 2,300 possible planets floating around out there.


“This tells us that our galaxy is positively loaded with planets of all sizes and orbits,” Doug Hudgins of the Kepler program said, according to CNN.

All of the newly discovered planets are situated more closely to the star they orbit than the Earth is to our sun, CNN reoprts. The smallest of them is about one-and-a-half times larger in diameter than Earth, and some are larger than Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system.


“There is more diversity out there than our limited imaginations could come up with, which is good,” Harvard astronomer Dimitar Sasselov told MSNBC.

NASA launched the $600 million Kepler mission in 2009, according to MSNBC.


My INPUT:  We are on the Verge of Something Great. Reminds me of When People say ” we are living in special times”. Before we knew of only our 9 planets in the solar system. Now its 2012 and we are discovering more and more of space and the universe. Which could mean that it is only a matter of time until we discover interplanetary life that already exists out there. Something Major in our history if you ask Me.

What do You Think. What do You Make of this. Please leave a Comment…

Magic mushrooms may help treat depression: How?

Posted this to show that there may be some scientific evidence evidence that Mushrooms Psychedelics could improve the state of being of a person.

Now Im not going out and Promoting people to use Psychedelics, becuase theres more to that, but its better to be Informed than Ignorant. Enjoy.

(CBS) Feeling blue? Two new studies suggest taking a trip might help – but we’re not talking vacations.

PICTURES – Depression nation: 16 saddest states


Tripping on “magic mushrooms” appears to change the brain in ways similar to antidepressants, the study found.

“We’re not saying go out there and eat magic mushrooms,” Professor David Nutt, a neuropsychopharmacology researcher at Imperial College London and senior author of both studies, told Reuters. “But…this drug has such a fundamental impact on the brain that it’s got to be meaningful – it’s got to be telling us something about how the brain works.”

The first of these studies, published in the Jan. 23 issue of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, took 30 healthy volunteers and infused the shrooms’ active ingredient – called psilocybin – into their bloodstreams while they were lying in an MRI machine. The researchers looked at the volunteers’ brain scans, which showed decreased levels of activity in “hub” regions of the brain that connect areas responsible for consciousness, self-identity, and organizing sensory information that constantly floods the brain.

The second study – to be published in the Jan. 25 issue of the British Journal of Psychiatry – gave 10 volunteers in MRI machines written cues to look at that would prompt them to think about their memories. Then the researchers gave the volunteers psilocybin, and found it enhanced their recollections of personal memories. Their brain scans also reflected these changes in areas of the brain that process vision and sensory information

The researchers say psilocybin might be an effective supplement to psychotherapy.

“Psychedelics are thought of as ‘mind-expanding’ drugs so it has commonly been assumed that they work by increasing brain activity, but surprisingly, we found that psilocybin actually caused activity to decrease in areas that have the densest connections with other areas,” Nutt said in a written statement. “These hubs constrain our experience of the world and keep it orderly. We now know that deactivating these regions leads to a state in which the world is experienced as strange.”

The study raises several questions – aside from who would want to volunteer to go in an MRI machine while on magic mushrooms. Can psychedelic mushrooms conceivably be used to treat people’s depression?

The researchers said the brain’s biology might provide some clues. One of the brain hubs that were shown to be affected in the study – the medial prefrontal cortex – is found to be hyperactive in people with depression. So psilocybin’s affects on this area could cause mimic antidepressants’ effects. Also, psilocybin was found to slow blood flow to the brain’s hypothalamus. When blood flow is increased to the hypothalamus, people typically experience cluster headaches, so this might explain why some volunteers reported feeling better after “shrooming.”

In 2011, a study in the Journal of Psychopharmacology showed people taking psychedelic mushrooms experienced personality changes that reflected increased “openness” to other senses and emotions, according to HealthPop. Some participants in that study also experienced more anxiety, however.

”This is a research tool which may give us insights into how to treat depression,” Nutt told The Telegraph. But he warned, ”I would strongly resist people self-medicating.”

The cops would agree with Nutt on that point. According to the U.S. Justice Department’s National Drug Intelligence Center, psilocybin is an illegal drug, classified as a Schedule I substance, along with heroin and LSD.

Original Article :


The Union, Marijuana Documentary

Yet, Another Dose of Interesting Enlightening Information on the Controversial Plant, Marijuana.

This documentary includes Presidents,Scientists, Politicians, Doctors, and Former Cops, on their take on the issue and politics of Marijuana. How lies  propaganda are spread with the intent to make you believe that the plant is worse than it actually is, and Much More. Packed with Statistics, facts, studies, and user experiences, this is almost a Must See!



Spirited Rendition of ‘How to Love’ on an LA Train.

Found this on Youtube, Such a Sweet Video of the song ‘How to Love’ by Lil Wayne on an LA train. Makes me want to replicate this on the NYC subway…


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