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The New Christmas

Christmas is coming and I don’t mean Dec 25. I’m talking about a sort of golden age, in which peace on Earth is realized, humanity bonds together as one, and we finally entire the Galactic Age!

Once we join the galactic community, life will not be the same. Anti gravity devices will personalize short ranged space travel, as well as pave the way for multi-mile skyscrapers and floating cities.

Hospitals will run out of sick people. Oncologists and other specialists working in the field/market of cancer will find themselves quite bored and lonely. No more will they destroy the health of our kind in the name of medicine. No more will friends and family sit idly by, watching it all happen.

Pharmaceutical companies that survive on doctor prescriptions for human suffering will have no more demand for their chemical concoctions.

Energy will be free! The use of natural energy will prevent destruction of the planet through drilling and burning of oil and gas. No more oil spills, nuclear leaks, or accidental explosions. Goodbye electricity bills. Goodbye gas stations. We will be free to grow strong in our families and friends, being able to visit, regardless of distance, and at little or no cost.

War machines will become relics. We have stopped seeking enemies. No more bombs. No more missiles. No more tanks. We plant gardens where war was once planned. We treat animals as we would like to be treated.

Humanity will unite, using Love as the glue to hold us all together. Divisions of all sort will fade away just like a butterfly dissconecting from its cocoon. Earth will nurture and show us abundance and love. We will learn to return the favor.

Our light will not soon diminish, this Christmas of Christmas will shine through eternity, reflecting our most perfect vibrational match of our collective desires.       Namaste

Written with love from AKA Batman


TEDxSF – Mel Robbins – F— YOU – How To Stop Screwing Yourself Over

Great Video on Motivation, Inspiration, and Being Who You Really Want to Be…

Compelling Dream of 8-6-2013

Received a Compelling message in a dream today that I wish to Share. so here we are in like a big city and I am with Kevin Hart, and about 3 other entertainers, However, the city and world was being under attack, or I should say the world is being “tested”. there were Like Big ass Transformer type robots seemingly wanting to tear new assholes and make tuna salad of us basically # FckSHITUP INEVERYDIRECTION…. Now under normal conditions one would feel intense terror and fear, However felt no fear whatsoever and Was actually laughing at what was going on while actively “maneuvering” through what firstly Seemed to Be a threat and getting away calmy, confidently, and Subtly Powerfully through the perceived “storm”. Message Ive got is – Ive realised that the outside conditions dont matter in Your Life as Much as How you ACTUALLY REACT to them. Choose to be a Warrior or Choose to Be a Pussy. ‪#‎NotestoSelfShared‬ .

the Central Purpose

At times we share and read lengthy posts and articles and words. However much could be said with Less, and also Vice versa. First off I thank the readers and Followers of this blog, as You help me to realise the importance and value of words,,, However off from the sentimental part,, My Being is being drawn to communicate the fact that, remember the Wright brothers, whose mental pictures gave birth to a new reality of travel and innovation? Remember the Dreams of Many whove inspired the world and Brought many new realities into the world today in which we enjoy such as increased sense of freedom, electricity, the beautiful tapestry and presence of the internet, cars that help us get from point A to point B, Smart ass cellphones which dramatically help us to stay connected with each other at the speed of light, and find the next route to the mcdonalds down the street?, 

Why Am bringing this up? , Well because I wish to Say DREAM! Because the fascination of reality in which we are Already blessed to be in, is that We are Magicians and we dont even Know it!

Remember You, Me, Each of us has the Power to Conceive and Create and make true Whatever it is that we so desire! What more Thanks can we Give to our Existence than that!

Of course this message may feel simplistic or even corny, And thats because all this is a Reminder of What is Already True. Duh! ( no serious pun intended )

and I just felt the need to Express it! So I guess whenever You feel deviated from Your natural sense of Happiness, Creativity, and Wonder, Remember, that You are the Master. You Always Hold the Power. In fact you ARE THE POWER!

Nothing Else matters.

Nothing else matters to me more than Her,

She is my Everything, 

She is my Everything,

She is My Everything,

Though experiences of Pain and Joy,

Her Strength, Her Valor, Her Committment to Love,

Always Remains Strong,

Though here Universal Pride, You can see She clothes Us,

to make sure We are protected, we are fed, we are, Loved,

and It is My commitment to Help Myself and Her, 

Because she is What Matters to me, 

She helped me ‘matter’ into this world,

Why is God so Good, When I look at her,

I see God, I see Wisdom, I see Perfect Imperfection of Perfection,

her reflection is True, He Spirit is Real, There is no other, Like a Mother!



Why am I holding it back,

Why am I allowing it to course through my Spears

When I am feeling intimately close to it, 

and Still I am it, Even though It also is Me, 

But Your body feels like It too,

Which is why I am attracted like a Bee and 

Nectar, or matter of fact, a Bee and a Sunflower,

Girl you inspire Me to shower over your Chocolate,

with Lips of Love and with Talks of Sweetness,

How Your bosom is so Tasteful, and I havent even

Gotten to the Pearl yet, MMMMMMMMMM

Your Chocolate Lullaby..

God Bless and Quick Entry!

Well God Bless My Iife right Now.
The question is How could I have more Fun?
How coul I Help more People?
Through Health?
Looking at my life. What more do I want?
What is missing? Why do I feel something is missing.
What do I enjoy ad appreciate in my life right now?
What do I wish to change?
Wish to be a Writer, performer! Top Money Maker!
Only Quality.
Look at my Life and assessing what changes I would Love to Make create!
Thank God for that sleep!
Ideas coming during work
Wow my mind is on Point!
Different modes of the day.
Which career?
Starting with Enjoying my position Now and Where I am!

Going in ( verse to fine china )

Do I fuckin love myself? Sometimes I just wanna build weealth
Psychologically stoned I did it to myself, but its all good, or do I rewind, face issue and just heal with time, fine by design and divine, a crystal ball reflected I was so fine, I could go down the path of my mentalc or use my soul instrumental, body, looking at everybody, wanna just help these bodies, I know I created struggle and turmoil, and I’m wanting to turn it around right nowc, matter of fact I’m turning it around now, my sword of Light shine the darknss down, 2 sides. Now I’m outside, got me a nice house and a nice ride, start with my soul and then pride, fall back ego let’s ride, how I just wanna do more ofmy thing, wanna dance act and probably sing, write a couple songs and literature I’m an artist, my songs can you figure uh? Had a moment to myself, reflecting on my past, so I healing myself, staying inline, doing my best, I swear my intent is to pass my test, conquer challnges, living my Light helping others too, my mother father and my brother too, look at these words, divine curves, parked my. Car now I’m sitting on the curb, just having a couple thoughts writing what I’ve thought, my min is the store this is what I’ve bought, peace to my energy, and bless me sometimes I say prayers to destress me gratitude is my attitude, west coast now I’m on a different latitude, doing my best yea I said it again, wondering when wealth begins, starting Now man I’m going In!!

Fine ghana verse 2

Extra explicit content
Looking in my glass bottle and the contents
Wanna just win like they do in the contests
So I’m startjng my self
Saying strong and within my self
Don’t ask why use these words,
Its obvious that I chose the curb,
So looking at my sentence my nouns and verbs
introspection is what we do when we swerve
A sense of insight and intuition
Spoke to my boy
Words that I’ve listened,
Go forwards don be pussy like a chicken,
I could write rhymes, excite mines,
Left handed and I’m in my right mind,
Confidence and extreme tendencies,
Just wanna be clean and intimate
Lik I already am, implement my plans,
Just a mister looking my madam,
And before this thing is over,
Ill have a life house and a rover
Extensions of a beauitful career,
Now its back to work
Visions getting clear..

Born to Live Quote.

“Dont Let the hate sway You or dismay You, You were born to do anything in this world, You were Made to.” – D.M.

The Power of the Heart

Good Morning,Afternoon,Evening, Whatever time it is in wherever portion of the Universe you are in right now (over here its 2:50 Sunny PM). After a short Hiatus,I hope you Enjoy and derive insight from this rather intruiging video on the Power of the Heart. Feel Free to Comment and Share Your Opinion, Thanks and Tale Care..

New Wale Feat. Lloyd Sabotage

New Wale and Lloyd, in the Smooth Song called Sabotage..

New Ancient Maya UFO Artifacts!

New UFO Artifacts revealing some type of contact and evidence of an Extraterrestrial Influence…

What Do You Make of This…Please Leave a Comment..

The Human-Alien Agenda

Esoteric Scholar Jordan Maxwell in a Video Regarding the Human and Extraterrestrial Connection.
topics covered:

– Possible Interbreeding of Human-Like Extraterrestrials and Primates to produce modern day Humans\ HomoSapiens.

-Taking True Power Back into Your Hands.

-The Government, Money, US system, and MUCH MORE

Here is Part 1,, the subsequent parts could be found on Youtube..

Under Construction and Quote of the Day..

Good Morning,

Just wanted to Note that if You are a Follower of this blog, I Thank You for your support, and also please excuse the changes being taken on the site. Right now the site is undergoing a transformation . Thanks again.

Enjoy The Quote of the Day..

Again, you can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.
Steve Jobs

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