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Quote and How are You Doing?

As I said earlier, I want to Just Thank all the Readers of this blog. I was surprised but Thankful that people were still taking time to view this blog though I took a short “blogging break”. So again I thank You. Well Anyways, here the Quote of the Hour….

“A man must be willing to die for justice. Death is an inescapable reality and men die daily, but good deeds live forever.”
Jesse Jackson

How is Your Day Going thus far?

Feel Free to Express YourSelf in the Comment Section. Take Care.


Styles P talks about the benefits of Working out and Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Its Important and Now is the Time to be on Point with Yourself. Its 2012 and a year for a new You (and Me). One way that is accomplished is Through Health. I actually used to be a smoker but have since stepped away from that lifestyle to ensure I am taking the right steps towards better health. I will keep this short here today but check out this video of Artist and Author Styles P, speaking about Health and Living a Health Conscious Lifestyle. Peace.

The Union, Marijuana Documentary

Yet, Another Dose of Interesting Enlightening Information on the Controversial Plant, Marijuana.

This documentary includes Presidents,Scientists, Politicians, Doctors, and Former Cops, on their take on the issue and politics of Marijuana. How lies  propaganda are spread with the intent to make you believe that the plant is worse than it actually is, and Much More. Packed with Statistics, facts, studies, and user experiences, this is almost a Must See!



Spirited Rendition of ‘How to Love’ on an LA Train.

Found this on Youtube, Such a Sweet Video of the song ‘How to Love’ by Lil Wayne on an LA train. Makes me want to replicate this on the NYC subway…


Youngest Richest Internet Entrepreneurs..

This is Why I Love the Internet, You Could go Very far ( and make some Nice Mula ), with a Brilliant Idea and Some Determination. Source of this post is a very resourceful site for the upcoming or already established internet entrepreneur. Check it out..

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Youngest Richest Internet Entrepreneurs

One of the most amazing things about the internet is that it can really level the playing field when it comes to business. You no longer need a large investment to get started, you can get by, as some have on this list, on just a few hundred dollars. It still takes a brilliant mind to reach the level of success that the people on this list have achieved, especially at such a young age, but the internet has given them the opportunity in a way that wasn’t possible in the generation before them. To count as young on this list, you have to be aged 30 or under; here is it.

Mark Zuckerberg – 27 – $17,500,000,000 – Facebook

 Youngest Richest Internet Entrepreneurs Mark is the most public face of Facebook, which currently hosts over 750 million active users, with 500 million of those accessing the site daily. His personal wealth has skyrocketed in the past few years as Facebook has torn through the competition such as Myspace, and taken its place as the number 1 social network in the world. With the release of ‘The Social Network’ in recent years, it’s hard to not know who Mark is. And if you have seen that film, then you’ll know that getting to the top, wasn’t such a clean and easy ride. Mark faced multiple lawsuits from people who say ripped off his idea, and a disgruntled business partner who was ripped off after an investment. You can make up your own mind about Mark, either from what you’ve learned about him over the years, or from the film, but there’s no denying that Facebook wouldn’t have existed without him, certainly not to the capacity it’s at today. I should think that at least 90% of the people reading this have a profile, and perhaps even a fan page, so it’s no wonder that Mark’s made it to the top of this list.

Andrew Mason – 30 – $4,750,000,000 – Groupon

 Youngest Richest Internet Entrepreneurs Andrew actually has a degree in music, but chose to go into web design, where he would meet his first investor, which eventually led to Groupon. Founded in November 2008, the site has experienced rapid growth, and huge revenues from taking 50% of every sale made through the site. There have been plenty of imitators since, but Groupon still remains on top, even turning down a $6 billion dollar acquisition bid from Google at the end of 2010. Google has a habit for offering to buy companies out before creating their own, sometimes more powerful and successful imitator, so who knows what may be in store for Groupon. Over the past few months, I’ve personally started to see less location targeted products in Groupon, and the quality of items has also gone down in my opinion, so whether Groupon will stand the test of time is unknown. What we do know though is that $6 billion is a lot of money to make in just over 2 years.


to see more click Youngest Richest Internet Entrepreneurs

Quote of the day…

No one forgives with more grace and love than a child.

– Preacher.

Obama has officially signed the NDAA into Law….

Dec 31 – Obama has officially sign the NDAA into Law. By tupacnasfan – Yesterday, 05:37 PM – BX Daily Bugle – news and headlines

December 31, 2011 5:12 PM Print Text Obama signs defense bill, with “reservations” By Mark Knoller Topics Campaign 2012 1 Comment Have Your Say Email StorySend to a Friend Share ThisTell Your Friends Tweet ThisTweet This MoreShare It . Facebook Stumbleupon Newsvine Yahoo bookmarks Mixx Digg Reddit Google Bookmarks Twitter LinkedIn President Obama arrives in Hawaii in this Dec. 23 file photo (Credit: MANDEL NGAN) HONOLULU — Two days before the deadline, President Obama signed a defense spending bill into law – while admitting he has “serious reservations with certain provisions” related to how suspected terrorists are held and questioned. In a written statement, Mr. Obama makes clear he objects to sections in the National Defense Authorization Act that “regulate the detention, interrogation and prosecution of suspected terrorists.” Despite his objections, Mr. Obama says he signed the measure, known by its initials NDAA, because it authorizes needed funding to defend the nation, support the military and renew “vital national security programs.” Among the provisions to which the president objects is a grant of permission for the indefinite military detention of terror suspects by the military. Mr. Obama said he didn’t ask for such authority and doesn’t want it.
“I want to clarify that my administration will not authorize the indefinite military detention without trial of American citizens. Indeed, I believe that doing so would break with our most important traditions and values as a nation.” Mr. Obama says his administration will interpret that provision “in a manner that ensures that any detention it authorizes complies with the Constitution, the laws of war, and all other applicable law.” Further, Mr. Obama bluntly rejects authorization in the bill requiring military custody for some foreign detainees captured on a field of battle. In his statement, Mr. Obama calls that provision “ill-conceived” and says it will “do nothing to improve the security of the United States.” Mr. Obama says he rejects “any approach that would mandate military custody where law enforcement provides the best method of incapacitating a terrorist threat.” He says he signed the bill in the belief he can circumvent this and other provisions to which he objects. That very much includes provisions that forbid the government from transferring detainees from the facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to the U.S. Mr. Obama had made it a top campaign pledge to shut down the prison, known as Gitmo, believing that it gave al Qaeda and other terror groups a rallying cry with which to recruit supporters to use against the United States. But Congress continues to block his decision to close Gitmo and move the terror suspects held there to a maximum security facility in Illinois. Another provision would block the government from transferring Gitmo detainees to other countries. Mr. Obama uses his “signing statement” to serve notice on Congress that in the event the provisions on detainees at Guantanamo breach his constitutional powers as Commander-in-Chief, “my administration will interpret them to avoid the constitutional conflict.” That’s a fancy, highly-legalistic way of saying – he’ll do things the way he thinks is right. Overall, the measure affirms and supports Mr. Obama’s policy decision on Iraq and Afghanistan – and that’s why he is signing the measure into law. – after originally issuing a veto threat because of the aforementioned difficulties.
As a candidate, Mr. Obama was critical of President George W. Bush for using “signing statements” as a way of seeking to circumvent the will of Congress. Mr. Obama said at the time that Pres Bush should have vetoed the bills and insisted on getting them re-written and re-enacted to his likening. As he discovered since taking office, that’s not always possible. A signing statement has no force of law. If Mr. Obama violates any of the provisions in the bill, Congress could challenge the White House in court, which would have the final say in any dispute.

Good Afternoon Everyone!!!!

Good Afternoon, Good Day, Everyone! Obviously Im feeling Good today and Wanted to share some of that lol. How is Your Day going? What Are you Doing Right now? What could You Do to Make Your Day Better?

Well Once Again Just Saying Good Afternoon and Stay Tuned for Updates!

Best Door to Door Salesman Ever! Kenny Brooks

Funny Sales Man.

Sharp and His Vernacular is Hilarious..

Happy Holidays by the Way,…

ARE Civil Liberties Being Taken?, Obama Signs NDAA ,Martial Law!?

Just seen this video on Worldstarhiphop, But word is That the President Signed an
Act called the National Defense authorization Act, Which supposedly means
that the Military ( and/or law enforcement? )could Jail you without Charger or Trial,,,
This info is New to Me but May Be A Serious Issue…. but What Do You Think?…
Leave A Comment…

Guy Does a Flying KO kick on his Roommate for Annoying Singing..SMH

Damn, Im Caught Between Concern and LMAOOO
SMH the Shyt people Do lol.

UK, France, China Admitted UFO Are Real and Of Extraterrestrial Origin

UK, France, China Admitted UFO Are Real and Of Extraterrestrial Origin

After UK MOD UFO X-Files which had reveled UFO incidents ,that includes pilot’s ‘Near Miss’ with UFO at Manchester Airport, UK and some top secret UFO facts like Churchill had ordered a 50-Year cover-up on UFOs fearing, it would create mass panic and destroy one’s belief in the church. And yesterday Chinese Astronomer and USA Physicist had also told the world that UFO Are Real.

Now France – UFO Phenomenon is real and definitely extraterrestrial origin.

A new French report released on May 31, 2010 concluded that UFOs are definitely real and possibly of extraterrestrial origin.

The Progress Report of the Sigma/3AF Commission comes from a highly credible source, the Aeronautical & Astronomical Association of France, known as the 3AF, which established a Commission on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena back in May 2008.

The Commission’s President is Alain Boudier, a former French Defense attaché, and one of its key members is Jean-Gabriel Greslé, a former fighter pilot who studied at the U.S. Air Force Academy and later became an airliner pilot with Air France, where he experienced a couple of UFO sightings. Greslé has published three UFO books in France, including Unidentified Flying Objects: An Airline Pilot Talks (Guy Trédaniel, 1993).

The Sigma/3AF is not a final report but just a work in progress document; nevertheless, it provides good background material on the history of official UFO research in France, a balance of Sigma’s work during the last two years, a brief description of the most significant French cases, and some comments and conclusions. The report begins with a brief history of French official UFO research, which is quite extensive: “France is the only country where the collection of Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena (PAN in French) and its scientific study have been assigned since 1977 to a civilian official organization, the CNES (National Center for Space Studies, the French space agency) through the GEPAN study group.”

After a short description of this unit, now known as GEIPAN (Study and Information Group on Aerospace Unidentified Phenomena), the report outlines other official or quasi-official French studies, including the famous COMETA (Committee for In-Depth Studies) Report of 1999, issued by a group of high-ranking retired French military and intelligence officers, which concluded that UFOs were real and probably extraterrestrial.

Members of the Sigma/3AF Commission also met representatives of many other official French military and intelligence organizations that had some UFO involvement in the past. These included the National Gendarmerie, which has collected UFO reports systematically since the 1960s; the General Secretariat of National Defense, which issued an interesting report a few years ago (although I am not aware that it was ever released to the public); the Air Force; and one of France’s intelligence services, the General Directorate for External Security, which admitted through an “authorized source” that UFOs have been monitored by the agency since the early sixties.

The section on “the most important French cases” provides then a very short descriptions of the following according to “Sigma/3AF” outstanding five incidents:

A mass UFO sighting in Madagascar in 1954
The landing and close encounters in Valensole in 1965, which was documented by the police
The no less famous landing in Trans-en-Provence in 1981
A similar case from 1982 (both cases were investigated by the armored and were each published in their reports # 16 and # 17)
The sighting of a UFO by several witnesses, between Biarritz and Strasbourg in 1990.

In the Comments section, the Sigma/3AF report uses unambiguous language, for instance: “No natural phenomenon can account for the majority of observation reports accompanied by electromagnetic detections made by one or several radars. Both the defense services and air traffic control have been confronted a number of times around the world with unknown aerial intrusions or artificially induced phenomena.”

Later on, the report goes on to say, “The behavior of these devices during encounters with fighter jets or interceptors – some have participated in real swirling battles in the U.S. – suggests they are controlled, guided or led by particularly sophisticated automation.” And then again, “the air superiority of the craft concerned, if they are indeed crafts, is such that none of the many interceptions which have been made against them, in the United States for example, have been able to overcome one of these devices.”

After outlining a number of characteristics exhibited by UFOs, such as “remarkable accelerations of the craft right after a stationary mode,” the report indicates: “We feel that we must reject the thesis of a terrestrial origin for all the observations made since World War Two. Indeed, if a nation of the world had been able to secretly develop such an armada of exotic craft, like those observed for more than half a century, the means of analysis and strategic logistics available would have permitted their rapid identification.

The illegal overflights which they have been guilty of conducting could constitute a casus belli [cause for war].” The Sigma/3AF experts go on to state that, “the above features suggest that in many cases the devices detected, far from being unidentified, are easily recognizable by the aerial defense agencies as part of a technology far ahead of ours.” And later: “We have been unable to get any serious indication as to the origin of the aerospace phenomena that is the subject of our research. The technological elements that we selected… allow us to draw some assumptions about the aircraft in question, which do not seem to belong to an identifiable terrestrial technology at the times when they were observed.”

The Sigma/3AF report finally agrees with COMETA’s conclusion that we are probably facing an ET presence. That conclusion was quite controversial for a semi-official study like COMETA back in 1999 and was criticized by many in the French press. Yet the Sigma/3AF Commission found no quarrel with it.

“Thus, the central hypothesis proposed by the COMETA report still cannot be rejected up to this day and remains perfectly credible,” they wrote. “Many documents and materials examined by the authors of this report confirm it. We have therefore retained, among some others but only as a working hypothesis, the possibility that most of the craft observed can have a non-terrestrial origin.”

The original report of “Sigma/3AF” (PDF) HERE


US Physicist Michio Kaku – UFOs Are Real

Chinese Astronomer – UFOs Are Real

According to latest article published in Peoples Daily which is the official communist party paper. Wang Sichao, a researcher and planetary astronomer at the Purple Hills Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that he believes extraterrestrial beings do exist and their UFOs have the ability to visit our earth. However, he disagrees with British scientist Stephen Hawking, who believes an encounter with aliens would spell disaster to human beings.

Wang has done the astronomical observation work for 39 years and he publicized his opinion on a science forum held in Guangzhou today.

Wang also found that in the terrestrial space between the height of 130 kilometers and 1,500 kilometers, UFOs have appeared many times. Their flying speed is much slower than the first cosmic velocity. Some are even as slow as 0.29 kilometers per second and they can fly in the 1,460 kilometers’ height for more than 25 minutes.

This means UFOs have the anti-gravity ability. Otherwise, they would fall soon. Wang came to these conclusions based on the spherical astronomy and physics method and his years of observation at Purple Hills Observatory as well as the quantitative analysis of some significant UFO events.source

Note : Nothing is published in China without government permission. We would call that “disclosure” from an actual government entity.

Above developments clearly indicating that world governments are informing its citizens and conditioning them for final disclosure about extraterrestrial life and UFO’S.


Interview With Immortal Technique on Occupy Wall Street.

Here Rapper Immortal Technique expresses some knowledge and perspective on the Occupy wall st and Government flaws in our current system. He shares why him and thousands of other indviduals are concerned about the condition of government and the change they would like…

Sep 21 – “To All” – A Message from Troy Davis

I still dont know the Whole details surrounding this case but SMh..

To All:

I want to thank all of you for your efforts and dedication to Human Rights and Human Kindness, in the past year I have experienced such emotion, joy, sadness and never ending faith. It is because of all of you that I am alive today, as I look at my sister Martina I am marveled by the love she has for me and of course I worry about her and her health, but as she tells me she is the eldest and she will not back down from this fight to save my life and prove to the world that I am innocent of this terrible crime.

As I look at my mail from across the globe, from places I have never ever dreamed I would know about and people speaking languages and expressing cultures and religions I could only hope to one day see first hand. I am humbled by the emotion that fills my heart with overwhelming, overflowing Joy. I can’t even explain the insurgence of emotion I feel when I try to express the strength I draw from you all, it compounds my faith and it shows me yet again that this is not a case about the death penalty, this is not a case about Troy Davis, this is a case about Justice and the Human Spirit to see Justice prevail.

I cannot answer all of your letters but I do read them all, I cannot see you all but I can imagine your faces, I cannot hear you speak but your letters take me to the far reaches of the world, I cannot touch you physically but I feel your warmth everyday I exist.

So Thank you and remember I am in a place where execution can only destroy your physical form but because of my faith in God, my family and all of you I have been spiritually free for some time and no matter what happens in the days, weeks to come, this Movement to end the death penalty, to seek true justice, to expose a system that fails to protect the innocent must be accelerated. There are so many more Troy Davis’. This fight to end the death penalty is not won or lost through me but through our strength to move forward and save every innocent person in captivity around the globe. We need to dismantle this Unjust system city by city, state by state and country by country.

I can’t wait to Stand with you, no matter if that is in physical or spiritual form, I will one day be announcing,


Never Stop Fighting for Justice and We will Win!


New “Super Earth” Discovered…

The odds of a planet other than Earth being able to support life are vanishingly small, but astronomers believe a “super-Earth” just outside our solar system may be hospitable to life.

The newly discovered planet orbits a star about 35 light-years from Earth in the constellation Vela, and a team of European astronomers who discovered it believe there is a slim possibility that it occupies the “Goldilocks zone,” a term used to refer to planets that are neither too hot nor too cold to support liquid water. Study author Lisa Kaltenegger, an astronomer with the Max Planck Institute in Germany, said that “if we are really, really lucky, this planet could be a habitat” comparable to Earth.”It’s going to be really muggy, just think about the muggiest (Washington) day you can think of,” said Kaltenegger. “We’re not saying it’s habitable for you and me.”

The new planet, called HD85512b, is designated a “super-Earth” because it is 3.6 times the mass of Earth (super-Earths must be between one and ten times the mass of Earth to qualify). The planet is closer to its star than the Earth is to our sun, completing a full orbit every 60 days, but its star is about 1,800 degrees cooler than our sun. For it to support life it would need to be rocky, instead of being gas-based like Jupiter, and would need enough cloud cover from its atmosphere to keep the surface cool.

Its Only  matter of Time That We find other planets with Life on them.. I wonder how Alien Women look lol..

For More Click

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