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D.U.I. – Teyana Taylor – Fabolous – Jadakiss

Nice Track from Teyana Taylor feat Fabolous and Jadakiss..


Cash Money Grammy party – Drake and Wayne get plaques! – YouTube

Cash Money Grammy party – Drake and Wayne get plaques! – YouTube.

Mischa Daniels & Sandro Monte feat. J-Son – Simple Man (Official Music Video) – YouTube

Mischa Daniels & Sandro Monte feat. J-Son – Simple Man (Official Music Video) – YouTube.

Cool Track to check out.

Spirited Rendition of ‘How to Love’ on an LA Train.

Found this on Youtube, Such a Sweet Video of the song ‘How to Love’ by Lil Wayne on an LA train. Makes me want to replicate this on the NYC subway…


Inside Look: Rick Ross Rich Forever Mixtape..

Quick look into the Making of the ‘Rich Forever’ Mixtape.



New Rick Ross Drake French Montana – Stay Schemin

Fresh new Video off the Rick Ross #RichForever Mixtape. Nice.

Travis Porter (Feat. Young Jeezy 2 Chainz) – You Dont Know Bout It

New Travis Porter Feat. 2 Chainz and Jeezy… Tough..

French Montana Speaks On Ending Feud With Jim Jones And “Bad Boy Curse”


@FrenchMontana did an interview with COMPLEX, in it they discuss his beef with Jomo and the stigma that comes with being a Bad Boy artist.

Last year, you had a pretty public beef with Jim Jones. Is that dead now or is there still a little animosity there?

Nah. I’m getting money and he’s getting money. [The situation involving the hit on my head] had nothing to do with Jim Jones.

You were signed to Akon’s Konvict Music label for a while. What ever happened with that?

Akon tried to help me out. He gave me a shopping deal. A shopping deal is when an artist takes a liking in you, and they try to take you to a label to get you signed. I was gonna go get signed to his label, but they were going through problems with Interscope, Akon’s label over there. [As a result], my deal was over with him, so I went and did my own thing.

It’s been rumored time and time again that Bad Boy artists don’t always have the best of luck. Did you have any reservations about signing to the label?

Of course [I had my reservations about signing to Bad Boy based off their reputation]. Anybody would. That would just be the obvious. My new thing is, I don’t judge my relationship on everything that came before me or after. I’m gonna judge you on how you and me do business. I feel like, a person will only do something to you that you’ll allow him to. I don’t understand how somebody can jerk you [on a deal], and you looking at the contract the same way they looking at it. I think everything is going to be straight. I think I have a good team and good management, shout-out to Mizay [Entertainment]. I got Ross with me, Diddy with me, and the whole Coke Boys, Chinx Drugz, Flip—we got a powerful team. I don’t think one person can stop that.


Jay-z and Irv Gotti on “whats the Point of Living Average?” #Deep

Yes, So Some Fresh Motivation and Insight from a Like Minded Great Individual. It really is about Greatness and Seeking More from Life.

I study Successful people to see how some of us Tick and Think…

Enjoy the Energy Use it to Help Fuel Whatever Endeavor You May be Pursuing Now..

Also Check out for inspiring and wise videos fot your Mind…

The Motto – Drake feat Lil Wayne & Tyga!

“im the Fckin Man, Yall dont get it do You?”

Nice, SwagFul Video…

Gotta Love Lil Wayne tho lol..

“Almost Drowned in her Pssy so I Swam to her Butt”…


{Dedication, Inspiration in Fulfilling Dreams} How Bad You Want to Fulfill Your Dreams?

Found this clip on A clip about the dedication and focus needed to

achieve a dream. Inspiring and Emotional Clip. Do You have this dedication / focus in Creating

Your Dreams? Enjoy.


Kid Ink – What I Do – Video

Upcoming Artist Kid Ink is making a Mark in the Game…
Remind me of Chris Brown and Tyga put together tho..
But ur Boy got some Smooth tracks..
Check out his Music @

I Do, I Do, I Do!! New Track By Young Jeezy feat. Jay-z and Andre 3000

Tough. Youve Probably Heard this by now But if You Havent.. CHeck it Out..

New Wiz Khalifa – California ( off Taylor Allerdice mixtape)

Nice Feel to This Track. Smooth.

Rihanna – We Found Love

So Yea, Just Seen This Rihanna video, Which was crazy and chaotic but I Like it.
Looking at the male Character in the video, I think its symbolizing Her experience with
We Know Who, Chris Brown. All in All it feels like a song about her past relationship. But its Good to See How Artists Use their Experiences and Feelings ( sometimes traumatic ones), and mold that into Beautiful Creative Expression. Especially WHen you Could Relate to their Songs ;)… Peace!

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