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The New Christmas

Christmas is coming and I don’t mean Dec 25. I’m talking about a sort of golden age, in which peace on Earth is realized, humanity bonds together as one, and we finally entire the Galactic Age!

Once we join the galactic community, life will not be the same. Anti gravity devices will personalize short ranged space travel, as well as pave the way for multi-mile skyscrapers and floating cities.

Hospitals will run out of sick people. Oncologists and other specialists working in the field/market of cancer will find themselves quite bored and lonely. No more will they destroy the health of our kind in the name of medicine. No more will friends and family sit idly by, watching it all happen.

Pharmaceutical companies that survive on doctor prescriptions for human suffering will have no more demand for their chemical concoctions.

Energy will be free! The use of natural energy will prevent destruction of the planet through drilling and burning of oil and gas. No more oil spills, nuclear leaks, or accidental explosions. Goodbye electricity bills. Goodbye gas stations. We will be free to grow strong in our families and friends, being able to visit, regardless of distance, and at little or no cost.

War machines will become relics. We have stopped seeking enemies. No more bombs. No more missiles. No more tanks. We plant gardens where war was once planned. We treat animals as we would like to be treated.

Humanity will unite, using Love as the glue to hold us all together. Divisions of all sort will fade away just like a butterfly dissconecting from its cocoon. Earth will nurture and show us abundance and love. We will learn to return the favor.

Our light will not soon diminish, this Christmas of Christmas will shine through eternity, reflecting our most perfect vibrational match of our collective desires.       Namaste

Written with love from AKA Batman


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