Life Unlimited

Interesting Thoughts,,Ideas, and Personal Development

Nothing Else matters.

Nothing else matters to me more than Her,

She is my Everything, 

She is my Everything,

She is My Everything,

Though experiences of Pain and Joy,

Her Strength, Her Valor, Her Committment to Love,

Always Remains Strong,

Though here Universal Pride, You can see She clothes Us,

to make sure We are protected, we are fed, we are, Loved,

and It is My commitment to Help Myself and Her, 

Because she is What Matters to me, 

She helped me ‘matter’ into this world,

Why is God so Good, When I look at her,

I see God, I see Wisdom, I see Perfect Imperfection of Perfection,

her reflection is True, He Spirit is Real, There is no other, Like a Mother!



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