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Going in ( verse to fine china )

Do I fuckin love myself? Sometimes I just wanna build weealth
Psychologically stoned I did it to myself, but its all good, or do I rewind, face issue and just heal with time, fine by design and divine, a crystal ball reflected I was so fine, I could go down the path of my mentalc or use my soul instrumental, body, looking at everybody, wanna just help these bodies, I know I created struggle and turmoil, and I’m wanting to turn it around right nowc, matter of fact I’m turning it around now, my sword of Light shine the darknss down, 2 sides. Now I’m outside, got me a nice house and a nice ride, start with my soul and then pride, fall back ego let’s ride, how I just wanna do more ofmy thing, wanna dance act and probably sing, write a couple songs and literature I’m an artist, my songs can you figure uh? Had a moment to myself, reflecting on my past, so I healing myself, staying inline, doing my best, I swear my intent is to pass my test, conquer challnges, living my Light helping others too, my mother father and my brother too, look at these words, divine curves, parked my. Car now I’m sitting on the curb, just having a couple thoughts writing what I’ve thought, my min is the store this is what I’ve bought, peace to my energy, and bless me sometimes I say prayers to destress me gratitude is my attitude, west coast now I’m on a different latitude, doing my best yea I said it again, wondering when wealth begins, starting Now man I’m going In!!


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