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Fine ghana verse 2

Extra explicit content
Looking in my glass bottle and the contents
Wanna just win like they do in the contests
So I’m startjng my self
Saying strong and within my self
Don’t ask why use these words,
Its obvious that I chose the curb,
So looking at my sentence my nouns and verbs
introspection is what we do when we swerve
A sense of insight and intuition
Spoke to my boy
Words that I’ve listened,
Go forwards don be pussy like a chicken,
I could write rhymes, excite mines,
Left handed and I’m in my right mind,
Confidence and extreme tendencies,
Just wanna be clean and intimate
Lik I already am, implement my plans,
Just a mister looking my madam,
And before this thing is over,
Ill have a life house and a rover
Extensions of a beauitful career,
Now its back to work
Visions getting clear..


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