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THRIVE: what on Earth will it Take?

Here is a powerful trailer for a movie coming out that sheds light on many of the larger scale issues and truths of the world.
Enlightening and revealing, this movie is coming out which presents cases on free energy, ufos, elite government powers, Money, Banks, Alternative energy, ultimately the challenges we face and the possible solutions.

Everyone wants the world to change, but what are we doing to help that reality comes to pass?

Did you know that there are ways to harness and utilize free energy?
Probably unheard of because the big energy companies wouldnt necessary want that to come out beause it would mean an end to their million/ billion dollar empire..  This and more, feel free to watch the trailer and comment if you like.

#Some of us talk about things, some of us talk about people, and Some of us Talk about IDEAS…

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