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Upcoming & Rising Singer L’Chelle

Singer and songwriter L’Chelle is a new up and coming artist in the music world of R&B and Pop. From the city that never sleeps, L’Chelle has been featured in several songs including, rising star Lucky Ice’s hit song, “Be Mine”. Recently she has been working as a writer and background vocalist for Corey John, a dancer in the Broadway Show “FELA”.
A motivated and dedicated artist, L’Chelle is proud to be from the Caribbean representing the beautiful island of Dominican Republic. L’Chelle isn’t afraid to explore different genres of music, which gives her voice and songs a unique sound that captures her audience.
“I have always been passionate about music. As far as I can remember I have been writing and singing songs… it’s what soothes the soul, heals the heart and relieves the mind”. – L’Chelle
L’Chelle likes to listen to Jazz and blues music. Her main Influences are God, family, and friends which has a major impact in her writing. Artists L’Chelle is influenced by include Beyonce

,Whitney Houston, Celia Cruz, and Hector Lavoe.


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