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What is Being Wavvy?

Im sure you have heard people saying “I’m wavy” or I got swag” or whatnot. Let me break down the Wave and all that on a more deeper level. Being Wavy is about having Style, Swag, and Personality. At the end of the day its about Being YourSelf. You cant go wrong by being YourSelf. Some people fall into the trap of trying to be someone Else other than their self. I know its hard sometimes to be YourSelf especially when you dont wanna seem different. Current Society also pressures us the conform to certain things. I’ll keep it real, I went through many stages in my life. One stage or time was when I was trying to construct MySelf based on what I thought was cool or popular just to fit in. Soon I realized that uniqueness and being true to yourself is the best way to Live Life . However, you can definitely identify the qualities or characteristics that you admire in another person and apply that to yourself. For example, if I like a certain quality another person has, I will admire it in my head then replicate it with my own unique swag or persona. I dont know if this makes any sense but just be a goon at this living life shit. Be Positive, Be Wavvy, Be Whoever You want to Be, Follow Your Dreamz.


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